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Survey on Plan, Provider and Vendor ICD10 Transition

By Clive Riddle, December 10, 2009

MCOL this week released results from an exclusive survey of HealthcareWebSummit participants in the ICD-10 web summit and other interested parties. Participants were asked to respond to four items:

  1. Please categorize your organization.
  2. When do your project your organization will complete transition to ICD-10?
  3. How prepared is your organization at this point for transition to ICD-10?
  4. Is your organization undertaking other IT or Administrative initiatives to leverage use of the ICD-10 codes?

Here’s what the survey found:

  • Overall, only 3.1% of respondents indicated that their organization had completed the transition to ICD-10 while a plurality of respondents, 26.15% projected their organizations would complete the transition in 2013.  A majority (55.3%) of respondents projected their organization to complete transition sometime between 2010 and 2012 (21.5% in 2010; 20.0% in 2011; 13.8% in 2012.)
  • A majority (58.7%) of respondents considered their organization to be prepared for transition to ICD-10, with 14.3% indicating being very prepared and 44.4% being somewhat prepared. (17.5% stated unprepared, 14.3% very unprepared and 9.5% were unsure or not applicable.)
  • 62.5% respondents indicated that their organization were either undertaking other IT or administrative initiatives to leverage use of the ICD-10 codes (34.4%) or at least considering doing so (28.1%.)
  • Responses, in some instances, varied materially by category of respondent.  Those respondents who listed their organization as vendor were not only more prepared for transition than providers or payers, but also projected that they would complete transition sooner and were more likely to be undertaking other IT or administrative initiatives. 
  • While payors were more likely than providers to be very prepared for transition, providers were more likely to be some degree of prepared with 55% listing their organization as somewhat prepared.
  • General category of respondents (N = 66):
    • Payor              33.3%
    • Provider          31.8%
    • Vendor/Other   34.9%

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